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the core of her depiction of human relationships in the narratives explored. In no. results; having finished my research, I was able to define a paragraph (a chapter) se/BSE2006-S122006.pdf

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that is able to describe scenarios of changing object relationships . The visual language is based on the idea to analyze two-dimensional traces of moving objects to infer a temporal development of their mutual spatial relationships .

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digital maps, raster image data, point vector, vector data, spatial/temporal data etc. (. ◦ Any information about the location and shape of, and relationships among, geographic

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Temporal intelligent agents. Several authors define hybrid systems as systems that mix continuous dynamics with discrete controls, others define them as continuous dynamic systems with jumps.

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Interakce člověk-prostředí (Human–Environment Interaction): Know and apply geographic information about relationships between nature and society (e.g.,pollution from industrial development, economic effects of drought)

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properties of single entities and events and then define operators for searching relationships between the extracted temporal We define a metric temporal expression, mte, as follows.

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Temporal Relationships extend the [RFC5545] Relationships to define how Intervals become a Sequence by creating an order between Intervals. The Predecessor Interval includes a Temporal Relation, which references the Successor

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Sentinel Visualizer provides a powerful Time Range interface that hides or shows data based on a time slider control. Temporal Analysis makes it easy to see how networks form, change, and interact with each other over time.


Over the last few decades there have been significant changes of temporal and spatial relationships , which now come in many different forms, some of which are relatively new phenomena (e.g. virtual relationships ).

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Badino, G., Celebrano, G. Nagel, K.-O. 1991 Unio elongatulus and Unio pictorum (Bivalvia: Unionidae): molecular genetics and relationships of Italian and Central Europaean populations Bollettino del Museo Regionale di Scienze.